How to dog proof your hardwood floors

You love your canine friend(s). But you’re not so crazy about the effect they can have on your beautiful floors. If your house is home to both dogs and hardwood floors, you may have already discovered that this isn’t always a great combination. Here’s a quick guide to reducing unsightly scratches and stains (without keeping your beloved pet locked outside!).

Regular Pedicures

Keeping your pup’s paws well-groomed will go a long way towards minimising the damage he or she can cause. If you don’t have the time (or patience) for a weekly nail trimming, consider getting some ‘soft paws’ – basically doggy gloves – for your pet to wear when indoors.

Clever Décor

Are there specific spots that are at risk of getting scratched up? Consider investing in an attractive rug to strategically place in your home. Heavily trafficked areas like corridors and lounge rooms are well-suited to this simple solution.

No Dogs Allowed

If there are only a couple of rooms or areas in your house that have hardwood floors, buying a new rug may not be warranted. Instead, simply declare some dog-free spaces. Of course, depending on how obedient your pets are, establishing these boundaries may be a little bit difficult! But, if you can manage it, this is an easy fix.

Staying Dry

If your dog isn’t already well-trained when it comes to toileting outside, it’s time to get this sorted. There are other ways dogs can cause water damage to hardwood floors too. Be sure to have a mat underneath their drinking bowl and try to dry their paws with a towel after any walks in the rain.

Sometimes, taking steps like these is too little too late because lasting, irreparable damage has already been done. If this is the case for you, don’t despair. The team at Stript Flooring can take care of the problem areas so that you and your furry pals can start fresh with new floors.