water damage to home

Water damage in your home or business if not repaired properly can lead to spending a lot of money on repairs. It may seem like an easy job but sometimes it can be quicker and cheaper to use a professional who knows what they are doing – as if not repaired correctly, water damage can lead to further considerable damage to the actual structure of your home or business.

In this post we share some things to consider if you are faced with water damage.

Are you covered on your insurance?

The first thing to do when you have water damage is to inform your insurance company and to check whether you are covered in your policy. Bear in mind that there are different types of policies available but extreme water issues such as flood damage are not always included in standard policies.

Get a couple of quotes and quickly

If your insurer will not cover your damage get two or three quotes to make sure that your proposed tradespeople are quoting accurately. Ask for examples of work that they have done similar to yours and make sure they fully assess the damage and give recommendations not just a price.

Ensure the affected area is dried before repairs

It is important to get repairs organised as quickly as possible. The longer water damage is left, the worse it can get, and you could end up with additional problems such as mould which can start growing on something wet from as little as 24 hours.

Bear in mind however that whilst time is of the essence, it is equally as important if flooring has been affected to allow for the area to dry out and for it to be properly treated before new flooring is laid. A damp surface will cause tiles or any other flooring to detach.

A professional tradesperson will be able to advise of timings based on the damage and areas affected, and if required there are professionals that specialise in water damage repairs who will also have drying equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Get your electrics and plumbing checked

If you have water damage then it is critical to get a professional electrician and plumber to check the affected area for any damage to wiring and plumbing. Remember not to try and turn on any appliances when there has been water damage until it has all been checked, and DO NOT do this especially if standing in water.

Get your walls checked

If you have had considerable water damage that has gone above the skirting boards you may have to get your walls assessed as you could be at risk of mould growing inside damp walls.

These are a few tips in relation to water damage. We always recommend the importance of using a professional tradesperson who has experience. Just because the initial evaluation of the damage may not seem so serious, repairs can be extensive and should always be undertaken by a professional to avoid issues down the track. It is always important to get a professional assessment.

If you would like to discuss water damage to a property and how we can assist with floor and non-structural wall removal, please contact us today.